Landscape Inspired

Welcomes You

A very warm welcome to ‘Landscape Inspired’:                                                                                                                                 A Yorkshire landscape photography training company offering workshops in the most beautiful places across the North of England I’m updating all my workshops via so please

My central mission is to inspire client’s conceptual and technical landscape photography development, through enthusiastic, professional, mentoring that proactively inspires enthusiasm. I have over 20 years of landscape photography and 8 years of qualified teaching experience to offer, this coupled with many book and article publications, ensures that you can be confident of the very best in technical and creative guidance. My friendly outgoing nature and deep love and respect for the environment ensures that you will be in the very best of hands on the workshops.


I offer different lengths of workshop to suit your needs. The day courses focus on particular locations of photographic inertest. The weekend courses develop this theme, but the added time enables a more considered in-depth approach. In addition there are also taster sessions that are designed to focus attention around a particular location or natural event, please see the workshop section for more details. 


Whitby & Area - Long Exposure Seascapes and Sunset -- Sold Out

Yorkshire Dales - Ribblehead Viaduct & Limestone Pavements 25th April 2015 - Sold Out

Spurn Point Seascape Workshops - (Date to confirm very soon)

Otley - Photoshop for Photographers Sold Out

Lake District Autumn Colours - Sold Out

Ilkley Yorkshire Dales - Bluebells Sunset & Light Painting 2nd May 2015 - 4pm =11pm Sold out

Malham Yorkshire Dales - Water Movement & Garlic (3m walking workshop) 17th May 2015 Sold out




  Workshop Aims

  • To develop your landscape photography technical skills
  • To broaden your landscape photography compositional skills
  • To broaden your landscape photography conceptual skills
  • Produce stunning imagery
  • To stimulate inspiration
  • To expand personal creativity
  • Feed your photographic passion with likeminded people
  • Develop personal vision / style
  • Develop critical evaluation skills

  What Will You Learn?


The workshop will concentrate on delivering the optimum environment for your individual learning. This is achieved by primarily concentrating on ‘in the field’ one to one tuition, but will use group work when appropriate to the individual's development. (Group talks, safety, kit). Group sizes are kept small, (under six people depending on workshop) to maintain the high standard of tuition.


Pre- Location Planning: there will be a pre workshop questionnaire which will help me ascertain your particular learning styles; it will enable me to establish your abilities range and to stimulate your pre workshop development.


On location: I will condense the key elements for learning inspirational landscape photography and use the time in the field to develop what is needed for a deeper understanding.

Topics covered: (Dependant on workshop participants needs)

  • Effective and dynamic composition
  • Safety on location
  • Polarisation
  • What makes powerful shots
  • Predicting the weather / light / tide
  • How to develop inspiration and enthusiasm
  • On location critical evaluation of your work
  • The importance of experimentation
  • Useful camera techniques (on a one to one basis in order to differentiate skill level) hyper  focal   distance, manual or AP mode,
  • Effective exposure, bracketing, histogram, f stops, exposure lengths
  • Filtration (long, mid exposure, polariser, Graduated ND usage)

I would also recommend you bring small prints of your work (no bigger than A4) along with books, magazines and literature to inspire debate. Thinking and evaluation is a major part of developing good emotive work that reaches the widest target audience.


Off Location: It is critically important for learning to seriously plan and consider the pre and post location evaluations. Great images develop from good ideas and for this reason we will place emphasis during the workshop on the planning and evaluation of your images. (Note: this is primarily reserved for weekend workshops due to time limitations).

Topics covered:

  • Critical analysis and evaluation of your work (please bring along prints)
  • Planning effectively for your desired vision 
  • Directed philosophical discussions  (Moving past the cliché - simplicity- famous work / photographers – what is art)
  • Photoshop techniques (Weekends only), (dependant on individual requirements) (blending Layer mask, Raw conversion, BW. curves, levels, sharpening, filters, noise, reduction, cloning)
  • Tutors workflow demonstration
  • Critique philosophy (how to apply to your work for effective personal development)


Post Workshop Feedback: After the workshop, I encourage you to join the online community to reinforce and expand what has been learned.  Post discussion topics give and receive critical feedback on work produced on location. Post articles, podcasts, tutorials, that demonstrate inspirational learning.